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Hungry Cliff Podcast

Jun 25, 2014

Take a brawl fall and a chop drop before you hit the ground and pound.

This week the Hungry Cliff team welcomes Pedro's father Pedro Senior, continuing our tradition of inviting family members as guest hosts on this podcast. Good times are had as we discuss mainstream sports (a bit of a departure for this podcast,...

Jun 18, 2014

Movies filled with too much love, containers filled with too much soda, and gas tanks filled with too much air.

This week the Hungry Cliff team conducts a taste test on several new(ish) cookie varieties. Somehow the conversation turns to other food and various food-related mishaps. Also, pursuant to our founding...

Jun 11, 2014

LeBron explodes at local gas station, MB reaches [CC] near the TP, and a free bag of ice with the purchase of any value meal.

This week, the Hungry Cliff podcast team sifts through another pile of random thoughts. Why is it called the BMT? Of what does the diet of large lake-bound bass consist? Who watched the Tony...

Jun 4, 2014

Eleven cats in four weeks, ten updates in four months, and twenty-two discs in four years.

The Hungry Cliff podcast team finally has some tech to talk this week with Apple's annual WWDC! There are a couple of important birthdays and anniversaries coming up (but no quinceaƱeras, thank you). Also, something about shoes....