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Hungry Cliff Podcast

Aug 27, 2014

April O'Neil washes down caramel apples with greened lemonade.

This week on Hungry Cliff, we're joined again by most of Tony's immediate family. We had a whole list of topics for the program that were immediately discarded in favor of random discussions about a wide range of nonsense. In other news, two members of the...

Aug 19, 2014

My checked mic, marvelous opossum car: enough darbukas make not a piano.

This week the Hungry Cliff team welcomes our Original Fan, the one and only Mike Marino! We invited Mike to the studio to congratulate him on winning the HCFW4U contest and generally chat and hang out. In this episode, join Hungry Cliff as we learn...

Aug 13, 2014

This transfer speed is like a ghost boy riding a space elevator.

This week, for the first time in a while, the Hungry Cliff team talks about tech topics, including an exciting new world record and a method for extracting audio from silent video. Tony and Pedro chat about dream states, Matthew and Mona describe their...

Aug 6, 2014

Pedro cleans alive, The Cheat loves teeth, and a dentist is Yanni.

This week, the Hungry Cliff team chats about old internet sensations, dental hygiene, and guilty(?) pleasures. Is it more important to floss or remove your contact lenses overnight? Listen to find out why you should always read an airline's contract of...