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Hungry Cliff Podcast

Nov 26, 2014

Correct use of ratchet clamps, Nuclear families guest hosting, and the Opiate of the masses - that's right, podcasts.

Happy Thanksgiving from Hungry Cliff! Once again we're joined by the inimitable Rick and Stephanie Silanskas as the clock slowly ticks down to December. This week, learn about some of our favorite

Nov 19, 2014

Gyros in a nutshell, puppets in the skies, and a real Canadian Hiro.

This week on the Hungry Cliff Podcast, we're joined by musical siblings Maria and Josh Barker of the accurately named group Sister Brother. Tune in to learn more about their interests, cake preferences, and vocal proclivities. Plus, a Hungry Cliff...

Nov 13, 2014

Exciting extraterrestrial events, extended entertainment experiences, and excessive eating expenses.

This week, a slightly smaller Hungry Cliff team discusses people hurling stuff at other stuff millions of miles away in space, unusually high restaurant bills, and new options for streaming music on the Internet. It's a...

Nov 4, 2014

Phones that hespe-read-iya email, get-well pomes, and droupes de boisson.

This week, join the Hungry Cliff team as they discuss French poetry, hypothetical cookies, and post office non sequiturs. Did you know you can make your phone read to you? If we have the technology for that, then surely modifying past events is...