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Hungry Cliff Podcast

Dec 31, 2014

1920x1080, fa to mi, and 72 dpi.

Happy New Year from Hungry Cliff! This week, join us as we discuss tabletop games, odd food, and resolutions of all kinds. As a public service, we're providing a variety of prefabricated on-demand countdowns to the New Year at various intervals during the podcast. You know you don't...

Dec 23, 2014

12 Puerto Ricans Singing, 7 Almonds Milking and a Nutter Butter Falling On My Knee.

Merry Christmas from Hungry Cliff! It's that time of year again... time to bring out the irrationally sweet confections, the ugly holiday sweaters, and the family tabletop games. It's also time to settle things with the Elf on the Shelf....

Dec 16, 2014

Walken In A Winter Wonderland, Here Comes SantaCon, and Labatt Blue Christmas.

It's the first installment of Hungry Cliff's Christmas season specials! This week, we're joined by Jessica's friend Cynthia Malone. Tune in to hear Cynthia talk about life in Barcelona, life in Kansas City, and life in general. We'll also...

Dec 10, 2014

An elfant never forgets. The greatness of a man is not in how much elf he acquires. The most difficult thing in life is to know your elf.

This week on Hungry Cliff: movie sequels, terrifying holiday traditions, and MMORPGs.Have you ever wondered what Jessica dreams about? You, as well as the rest of the Hungry Cliff...

Dec 3, 2014

Martian cats, tart maniacs, and a Mac rant.

This week, the Hungry Cliff team recovers from the holiday weekend by recounting Black Friday stories and talking about movie trailers. We'll also discuss fast food canon, weird little floating cats, and all of the money we're about to send to Andrew Kramer. He's earned...